Company Bio

The Company was established in 1956 and has operated without interruption as a mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firm in the Corpus Christi area since that time. SCA directs its endeavors in the design and preparation of drawings and specifications for the mechanical (air conditioning and plumbing) and electrical systems for a variety of buildings and institutions. Projects include public works, schools, universities, hospitals, commercial, institutional, religious facilities, office buildings, industrial systems, and modifications of mechanical and electrical systems for existing facilities.

We are comprised of a unique mixture of seasoned design professionals and licensed construction tradesmen. Due to the diversity of our personnel, we are uniquely qualified to perform survey and analysis of existing conditions, and analysis of project parameters during the design phase to provide for satisfaction of project requirements in a constructible, cost-effective manner. The same diversity of personnel allows SCA to follow projects through the bidding, submittal, construction, and commissioning phases with remarkable success. We are continually complimented by contractors, architects, and owners for the lowest construction change order amounts in the industry. Excluding rare owner requested changes during construction, the majority of projects by Stridde, Callins & Associates, Inc. are completed with no change orders. We take great pride in our reputation and continually direct our endeavors to “raising the bar” with regard to design standards. SCA is well established, and bears an excellent reputation.

The goal of Stridde, Callins & Associates, Inc. on every project produced is to provide a complete, well-detailed, and concise set of Contract Documents on time and within budget. While this goal is not substantially different from the goals of many of our competitors, the rate of goal achievement differs greatly. SCA has earned a reputation for delivery of the most complete, simple, and trouble-free construction documents in the industry. The focus of the firm is to produce documents which show the project requirements in a concise fashion without inclusion of standard details and specification verbiage that does not directly relate to the project at hand. The result of these documents is accurate and very competitive pricing by the contractors on bid day, and minimal changes to construction cost thereafter.

We believe that many of the coordination, constructability, and cost control problems experienced by the design profession are directly attributable to a lack of direct involvement in the technical portion of design by firm principals and senior firm members. It has been our observation that as many firms grow, they tend to move firm principals and senior firm members into marketing and management positions leaving them remote from the technical design effort. This often creates a void of experience among the crewmen who are responsible for preparation of the design documents. The excellent record of quality control by Stridde, Callins and Associates, Inc. is due in part to the direct involvement by principals and senior firm members in all aspects of the technical design effort. Our management strategy is that no project leaves the office until it has been reviewed by senior firm members for constructability, satisfaction of project requirements, construction cost, and simplicity of design.

The engineers and technicians who work for Stridde, Callins & Associates, Inc. do so due to the work atmosphere, working relationships with clients, and because they know they’ll be given as much opportunity and responsibility as possible. Engineers in training and design technicians work under the supervision of licensed professional engineers.

Our employees like the fact that they’re trusted with important tasks and that the firm is large enough to provide them with the resources they need to do their jobs and yet small enough to allow them opportunities for growth.

Our staff size allows for one-on-one interaction with all members of the team on a daily basis resulting in the highest level of quality control in our Construction Documents and Construction Phase Engineering Services.